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If you have questions that haven’t been answered on my site, or you just want to discuss the whole processes with me directly, let’s set up some one-on-one time so you can make your outsourcing decisions with confidence! We can arrange a Zoom call, a Facetime Chat, or a regular ol’ phone conversation so we can talk about whatever you need.

Please email me if you require a time outside of the appointments I have listed here.

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Because how else will you feel confident that I’m the right fit for your team? This is a risk-free chance for you to familiarize yourself with my process and performance before making a commitment. 

Since efficiency is the name of the game, I’ve made this entire process as convenient as possible. 

Select a time below indicating when you plan to send over your catalog. We’ll book it in so that you receive your edits back ASAP!

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Please select a time slot for your catalog below. Remember to upload your files via my WeTransfer link at least 48 hours before your appointment time; carefully follow the import/export instructions that will be emailed to you if you need information on preparing and submitting your Lightroom catalog. 

Currently, you’re able to schedule appointments for catalogs up to three months in advance.  

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