What should we wear to our photoshoot?

The answer to this can be complex, and I’m more than happy to work with you to find everything you need. With that said, there are some simple rules to start with.

  1. No logos. These are very distracting and take away from the humanity and connection I’m trying to capture.
  2. Avoid patterns… Flashy patterns can also be distracting, especially if several people are wearing multiple different patterns. There are some instances when patterns are acceptable, (I’m a die-hard plaid fan) but feel free to avoid them if you’re looking to play it safe.
  3. Avoid really bright, flashy, neon colours because, see above.
  4. Appropriate footwear, coordinated accessories, and well manicured hands are details that should not be overlooked!


How do you edit your photos?

With attention to detail. This is why the overall image count that you receive from me may be lower than other photographers offering 6000 photos from a mini session. The images you will see have been hand-selected and hand-edited. This way, my clients receive quality images rather than 10-of-the-same-but-slightly-different photos that have had some generic filter applied to “modify” them all. (This also helps remove the Paradox of Choice which will prevent you from selecting which photos to print/share.) I will remove blemishes, bug bites, bruises etc. as necessary but feel free to let me know if you have any specific concerns.


How soon will we get our photos back?

ASAP. This really depends on the length of the shoot and the time of year, but my goal for a typical shoot is a week to 10 days, and for a wedding, I aim to have the photos to you within 2 weeks. I understand that my clients are excited to receive their photos, and I believe a prompt turnaround time is an important part of the client experience.


In what format will we receive our images?

I recommend printing your photos. The breathtaking images you receive from your photoshoot should be distributed all over your home, not left on some usb stick in a drawer. I’m more than happy to make recommendations and work with you in order to make sure you get the prints and albums that suit your needs. With that said, I also understand the importance of sharing your images socially and will provide jpegs via a private client portal for you to download/show/share with all your followers. I do not recommend applying filters to these jpegs as the images will already be edited for lighting and skin tones. I do not provide my images in RAW format for the same reason a baker wouldn’t offer you a half-baked cake, and you should never sit on partially assembled Ikea furniture.


What if the weather is awful during our scheduled outdoor shoot?

This depends on how “awful” the weather! Wind, rain, and snow can make for some absolutely stunning, outside-the-box photos, and if at all possible, we will try to proceed as planned. With that said, any Albertan can tell you, there are some conditions here that could make a photoshoot horribly unpleasant. When extreme weather is more likely, I try and schedule my calendar so that I would have an alternate day available we could use as a plan B. Otherwise, we can also consider moving the shoot to an indoor location. I will try and provide you with as many options as possible, but cancellation/rescheduling/relocating will be at my discretion.