The Top 5 Reasons You Should Schedule Couple’s Photography Sessions (& Often!)
A Must Read for the Reluctant Partner in the Relationship

For Photographers

Instead of writing this from a photographer’s perspective, I’ve taken a very personal approach to how I view this topic. As someone who’s been in a relationship with the same man for 19 years, who’s seen her share of relationship highs and lows and plenty of growth in between, I believe I truly see the value in two people being photographed together, throughout the course of their relationship.

  1. Most obviously, a couple’s session is a chance to spend time together, focused on each other without distraction. It’s like date-night, but when the focus is on the physical and often emotional closeness you experience during a session, the result is often an intimacy that can make for what seems like a lovers’ high. It often ends up being a fun way to freshen things up! 
  2. Photo sessions are a chance to see how great you guys look together as a couple. This is valuable in present time, but the nostalgia for the two of you, and the sentiment it provides for your family in the decades that follow, and even after you’ve passed on, is priceless. While the strength of your relationship may wax and wane to some extent depending on what life throws your way, having photos taken together during one of the happier times in your life will always be something to treasure, and may even help remind you what it is about your significant other that you love so much. A good photographer will catch that genuine connection that the two of you share and preserve those moments for generations to bear witness.
  3. A photography session is a chance to try on some role playing! If you aren’t usually dancers, or runners, or cuddly-touchy-feely people, this is a perfect excuse to try some twirling/jogging/closeness on for size. If public displays of affection aren’t typically your thing, or if you consider yourself more reserved, this is an opportunity for you to practice any characteristics you wish you had more of, without fear of judgement. With that said, a good photographer can get some pretty epic shots of the two of you just strolling along or enjoying a sunset together, so there’s no pressure to be something you’re not if you aren’t into trying new things.
  4. If photos really aren’t your thing, a couple’s session is a chance for you to step outside of your comfort zone and do something hard. If having your photograph taken makes you feel self-centered or just plain silly, putting these feelings away for an hour and becoming vulnerable with/for your partner, is nothing short of a gift. 
  5. It makes for a special occasion. When movies and dinners and hikes and pottery classes (?) have been on heavy rotation in your date nights, this is a way to mix things up! Bonus points for a late night dinner in a cozy booth after your photoshoot (where you’re already sure to be looking your best and the intimacy from your session is sure to follow! *wink*)

And remember, the more you do these shoots together, the more comfortable you’ll be getting in front of the camera together! How truly special will it be to watch the two of you grow together over the years?